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Nylon products plays an important role in our life

Nylon products plays an important role in our life, small time buy clothes will ask what is the material, if it is nylon will be preferred, because it feels very comfortable, this is its application in textile is our most easy access to the side, nylon products everywhere in real life, such as MC nylon rods, etc., the development history and present situation of nylon products?

The synthesis of nylon laid the foundation of synthetic fiber industry, and the appearance of nylon made the fabric look brand-new. Nylon stockings are made with the fabric is transparent and filer socks than durability, DuPont and 10 orders, 24, 1939 in public sales headquarters caused a sensation when nylon stockings, was seen as a rare thing in the snap up, people have used "as fine as silk, like steel wire is strong, like spun silk beauty" words to praise the fiber, by May 1940 nylon products sales throughout the United States.

From the outbreak of World War II until 1945, the nylon industry was turned into military products such as parachutes, airplane tire cord fabric, and military uniforms.


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